Is your home or office making you happy, comfortable, and productive?

Maybe you’re considering a costly remodeling or redecorating project because your home doesn’t feel functional. Maybe you’re not getting work done in your home office. Maybe you are embarrassed to invite friends over because they’ll see your clutter. What if your space actually helped you feel relaxed, stay focused, and improve your relationships? By making a few changes, you can get closer to the life you want! See our services for more information.

How it Works

Simply shoot us a quick email to tell us what’s happening in your home and what your goals are. Then we’ll make an appointment to come to your home to assess your space. Together we’ll prioritize changes you can make, then we’ll tackle the work together! Depending on your needs we may schedule extra visits.

We’ll clear clutter, figure out what could make your space more functional and inviting, and determine how the space can help you meet your personal goals. Moira will leave you with a strategy for how to maintain your transformed space.

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About Moira

MoiraMoira honed her organizational skills as personal assistant to the chairman of one of the world’s largest nonprofits. She finds that the way space is used can affect both workflow and the attitudes of the people using the space, and she helps you find solutions that will make you more efficient and happier.

Moira also has a background in fashion and art, first founding a successful retail boutique and then running a busy art studio where efficient workflow was a must! If your closet is the biggest challenge in your home, her trained eye can help you pare down or improve your wardrobe and what it is saying about you. If it’s the rest of your home that’s bogging you down, she can also quickly size up a space and determine what would make it more functional, comfortable, and inviting. Many people appreciate this outsider’s perspective on their home.

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