Moira takes the angst out of personal organization. She picks apart big problems to find areas where you can make concrete progress and helps you take the first steps: sorting, weeding, reducing clutter.  I am a chronic messmaker, but Moira found ways to tackle my chaos — bit by bit — and suddenly my problems were not so overwhelming.  She showed me it’s possible to maintain a peaceful and functional workspace.

Natalie, artist and graduate student

The difference was huge but not all improvement was obvious or visual….The biggest change was a general feeling of a weight being lifted and a chance to start anew with being organized….Feeling lighter has been a great feeling.
If I did this on my own it would have taken a very long time and I’m sure I wouldn’t have thrown out as much stuff. It helped to have someone be the task master, to keep things moving, to question me about items I wanted to keep, to give me ideas that I may not have thought of on my own, and to give me encouragement. It was nice that Moira said, “you’re doing great” and kept the day positive….Her company actually made it fun.

Nancy, graphic designer and business owner

Moira can look into a room and see its natural flow and order. She’s also an excellent listener, and considers your needs and lifestyle in her suggestions. And with her doer attitude, she jumps right in and starts working!

Gretchen, artistic director at a nonprofit